Couple charges £8.70 fee to attend their wedding now their guests are fuming

A couple preparing to tie the knot has left their wedding guests fuming before the big day even arrives, after including a fee in their invitations. The lovebirds want to get married in a particular canyon, which has an entry fee of £8.70 ($10.00), and expected guests to pay for their access.

Unfortunately, not everyone was happy about this arrangement. The groom’s sister in particular did not mince her words when it came to telling him he was an “a” and a “cheapskate.” She also couldn’t understand why the newlyweds-to-be can’t just hold their nuptials in one of the “thousands of canyons” out there that don’t charge a fee.

However, according to the 23-year-old groom, they’ve got their hearts set on this “specific canyon and view”, and so don’t want to look elsewhere. The argument with his sister soon escalated, to the point where she was criticising their entire wedding plan.

Taking to Reddit, the groom – who goes by the username u/Double_Ad6415 – recalled: “As the argument went on she started to nitpick our whole wedding plan. (Having the guests bring their own camping chairs. Not having a real reception, just a small dinner for those who attended and posting our registry all over social media but only having 20 people actually be invited.)

“We don’t want to spend a lot of money and so doing it outdoors is one way of doing that. We also just want our close intimate friends and families to be there so I don’t know what’s wrong with keeping it small. […] It’s a canyon fee you have to pay at the base so it’s not like we could just pay the park rangers in advance and just say this should cover it. It’s open to the public.”

Turning to fellow Reddit users for advice, the groom wondered whether he was indeed being a bit unreasonable. Unfortunately for him, a number of people could see precisely where his enraged sister was coming from.

One person wrote: “Not sure which is worst. $10 entry fee, bring your own chair, or getting the registry over social media and not being invited to the wedding. I guess there are no bathrooms at this canyon dinner? Better add bring your own a** wipes.”

Another commented: “Oof, buddy. I was trying to be open-minded but you lost me at posting your registry on social media, soliciting gifts from people who aren’t invited. That is tacky as f***.

“This canyon is clearly not meant to be a wedding venue. The least you can do is pay for people’s entrance fees.”