Fans make incredible God of War PS5 skins

A pair of fans have designed custom skins for PS5 to celebrate God of War Ragnarök.

Anderson and Débora, a couple of artists who regularly create tributes to their favourite video games, posted pictures of the skins placed onto a console earlier this week on Instagram.

The designs will be sold worldwide via their storefront called Gom.Gom.Figures.

Anderson and Débora have created two versions, one for vertical standing PS5s and one for horizontal lying PS5s.

The vertical version has runes on either side of the console, reminiscent of the rune chests in God of War. The horizontal version has a huge replica of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, complete with delicate etching, embedded on top.

Gom.Gom.Figures states the pieces will go on sale for 1700 AED (approximately £400) each. Only 40 of each will be available worldwide. Anderson and Débora haven’t stated when orders will open for the skins, but you’ll be able to get your hands on God of War Ragnarök on 9th November.