New Stranger of Paradise expansion will feature Gilgamesh

Square Enix has announced the next expansion mission for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, which will release on 26th October.

Named Wanderer of the Rift, it will feature Gilgamesh – a recurring character in the series initially introduced as the antagonist of Final Fantasy 5.

The trailer includes footage of protagonist Jack battling Gilgamesh, who wields his iconic Zantetsuken sword.

Wanderer of the Rift follows the previous expansion mission Trials of the Dragon King, which focused on the classic summon Bahamut. Access to this mission is locked behind a newly-introduced high difficulty level – it’s unclear if this new expansion will do the same.

Both expansions are available as part of the game’s season pass, which is required to play them.

We described the game as “a trashy Soulslike that packs surprising depth” in our Stranger of Paradise review.